NRVR / VAST Two Day Launch, September 10-11, 2011

This, the second NRVR launch (and first to include VAST on site) was very special. Not only was it the first launch to bring NRVR, VAST and VT Aerospace together, but it was also the ten year anniversary of the 9/11 catastrophe from 2001. To the latter point, we all dedicated this launch (that morning) to the memory of those who lost their lives to that fateful event, and to the soldiers and families who have continuously sacrificed for this country from that date until now.

This launch was far reaching in that it brought rocket groups from as far as Northern VA and the Shenandoah Valley (VAST), and as far south/west as the Wise County, NASA sponsored group Sky Tech to the NRValley. The following Rocketeers from both Wise County/Sky-Tech and NRVR completed successful certification launches:

There were many exciting high powered launches. Saturday, the first day, was a NAR insured open launch event that included many many low power (Class-1) launches from kids, families and rocket lovers in general, quite a few VT Aerospace student and faculty launches, as well as some really spectacular high power launches up to 3,200 feet! We estimate that we had at least around 80 people in attendance on that first day as we ran out of all allotted food and drinks (provided by Rackspace in Blacksburg).

The second day (Sunday) was a TRA insured Research Launch that had less frequent launches, but more interesting high powered and experimental launches. We estimate around 50-60 trickled through that day, most to watch, some to launch experimental rockets.

All in all it was a wonderful, fun-n-sun filled two day event that could not have happened without the help and dedication of the following individuals and organizations:

Also, a special thanks to all the photographers who spent hours in the sun and on their computers, documenting the still and video content of this most excellent two day high power launch! They include:
  • Alex Elkins
  • Bob Schoner
  • Jason Lancaster
  • Matt Williams
  • Monta Elkins
  • Thomas Weeks
  • Will Dunn